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What is Commission?

Commission is our method of payment, 70% – 80%

How much commission do we get?

Commission varies depending on the individual supplier. Most suppliers offer between 10% – 15 % commissions. There is a small card charge of 2.5% to add and as an agent we get paid to start out 70% and building up to 80% dependant on our sales.

Can we book package holidays?

We have a range of suppliers offering a wide range of travel options, including package holidays, cruises, tours, excursions, transfers, activities, rail travel for those who prefer the more scenic routes and much more.

Is all training included or do we pay a fee?

All training and support is included in your monthly fee. Except CLIA that comes at a discounted rate once you become a member of the company.

Is it a Pyramid scheme?

No, we are an MLM company (Multi Level Marketing). How can we explain the difference between a Pyramid and MLM? We are not a pyramid scheme as we provide a service in selling travel.

How many people can we sign up?

There is no limit to the amount of people you can share this opportunity with and sign up into the business.

How often is commission paid?

Commission will be paid 30-60 days after your customer has returned from their holiday.

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