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A natural part of the industry is learning how to deal with negative people and prospects.

So, what do you do and what do you say to these types of people? If you don’t do this right, you can actually give yourself and the industry a bad reputation and as much as you want to slap these people (please don’t) there’s a much more professional way to deal with negative people. Along with today’s video training, I’ve put together a great resource for you. It’s my 10 One-Liners To Use with Negative Prospects that Make Them Think and Make You Look Like a Professional.

How To Deal With Negative People & Prospects First things first, why do we even get negativity from some prospects?

Most of the time it’s THEIR mindset and they need a little mindset shift. Sometimes you can help them and sometimes you can’t.

If you can help them with this, its important to

understand why they’re negative in the first place and it could have something to do with how we’re approaching them.

I know this sounds crazy, but take a minute and ask yourself, “Is there anything that I did to cause the negative reaction?”, ”Was I presenting in a salesy way?” and “Do I have my prospects best interest at heart?”

This is going to make you look more professional and it’s also going to make them THINK!

When your prospects are negative, they are expecting a REACTION from you. Don’t give it to them. Diffuse the situation with a ‘Take away’ one-liner and don’t give them anynegativity back.

If you show that you’re a professional and you’re not NEEDY of their business, they will be more attracted to you!

Learning how to deal with negative people isn’t a super sexy topic in our business, but it’s part of what makes us stronger.

Don’t let someone steal your dreams and your motivation… just let the negative people go and keep moving forward to find the people that are as positive and awesome as you.

I hope that you found this useful.

Gemz 💎

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