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Creating a Network Marketing Schedule

Why create a network marketing daily schedule?

Time management…

There are endless amounts of books and trainings on the subject. But while time management tips are very helpful… we all know you can’t really manage time…

You’ll never get more than 24 hours in 1 day…

…but what you CAN do is learn how to manage YOURSELF in those 24 hours.

I learned this while I was working 10 hour days in my Finance job 5 days a week AND I was still able to build a successful network marketing business on the side.

I was working an outrageous amount of hours and I wanted more TIME FREEDOM so I had to figure out a way to work my business into my already crazy busy schedule.

Now…my network marketing dmo (daily method of operation) has changed over the years.

But I’m going to share with you what I do right now…and I’ll also share what I did back then when I was working at a job that demanded so much of my time.

Create a network marketing daily schedule that you can commit to

First 60 minutes of my day I’m focusing on only money making activities like adding 3-5 new people to my list. Then I work on doing a curiosity post on Facebook that gets people engaged and messaging me. And then in the evening I also block out 60 minutes for my income producing activities.

How to stay committed to your network marketing daily schedule

Here’s what I recommend:

✔Put a sign on the door that say’s do not interrupt

✔Do whatever you gotta do to make sure you don’t get interrupted

And the only thing you’re doing during these 60 minutes is exactly what’s on your list.

Here’s what you are NOT doing:

✔Watching funny cat videos ✔Listening to training ✔Reading a book

Your network marketing daily schedule helps you be pro-active instead of reactive

When I’m working my business I’m not like Netflix “on demand” type of girl.

What do I mean by that?

I don’t move on demand with my team and I don’t sit around all day long waiting to see if people reply to my post or messages.

I do my morning activities on social media and I move on with my day.

But I will come back later in the evening to check if anyone’s replied or to follow up with anyone that’s commented on my posts.

Your network marketing daily schedule when life is hectic, or you have a job

It can be challenging to build your business on the side when you have a job or you’re raising a family. That type of demand requires commitment and focus so you can later have the freedom and time that you desire. And it was much harder back then to build a business…definitely more time-consuming.

We didn’t have social media or group presentations that we could do online.

Everything had to be done in person. So there’s really ZERO excuses for not being able to build your business on the side today. So how did I do it?

During my lunch break, I would literally be eating my lunch and making calls.

I would wake up one hour earlier every day to make sure I had organized exactly what I needed to be doing that day to get my money making activities done.

I found the time and made no excuses.

Network Marketing Daily Schedule – In closing

Adding more work to an already busy day seems counter-intuitive.

But it really is just a temporary sacrifice that you’re making in order to live a better life with more freedom and time built into it.

It will be hard but I can promise you it will be worth it.

Gemz 💎

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