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Prospecting tips - What to do with your growing Email List

Now, what do you do with your growing email list?

When you finally have a growing email list, know that some of them are gonna buy right away, but some of them aren’t.

So what do you do with the people that don’t buy right away?

How do you nurture them and how do you continue promoting your products and services to get them warmed up?

Here’s what I recommend you do with those who don’t purchase right away.

1- Create a campaign.

This is basically a series of 2-5 emails that go out once a day on auto-pilot. You set this up once, and it goes out automatically to those who subscribed to your email list. These emails are designed for them to know more about you because people buy from people they know and trust. In each email, you can put a subtle Call To Action for them to reach out to you and learn more, or a link to go buy your product or service.

2- Notify your email list when you go live.

Another way to get them warmed up to you or to get them to keep buying things is when you go live on social media. You can email your list to notify them that you’re going live.

You can build a relationship with them by doing this, and when they can see more of your recommendations, it will give them more opportunities to buy from you.

3- Invite them to look at new promotions.

Another great thing about using your email list is you can invite them to look at promotions and incentives that your company puts on!

If your company is rolling out new products or incentives, you can inform your email subscribers immediately! You have an upper hand just by sending one email.

4- Invite them to work with you.

If you’re in network marketing, this is an incredible strategy: invite your email subscribers periodically to come and work with you.

When you’ve already established your brand with them and they trust you, they will trust your recommendation more.

Prospecting Tips – In Closing

Building your email list is important in achieving passive prospecting. It’s the best asset you have in keeping your leads warm and buying from you.

And if you’d love to know more on how to build your email list make sure to register for my upcoming FREE training called My 6-Step Prospecting & Recruiting Formula where you can learn how to find interested prospects that become raving fans and paying customers ALL coming to you.


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