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Develop a Morning Mindset Routine

What does your typical morning before work look like? Do you spend a little too long scrolling through Instagram and end up rushing to get ready?

Once you’re in front of your computer trying to figure out what to work on first, are you faced with an overflowing email inbox with “urgent” requests? We’ve all been there. It’s tough to feel focused in the morning.

Recently I decided I didn’t want my mornings to look like that anymore. I wanted to feel prepared for the day, but mostly I wanted to be reminded of the goals and bigger purpose behind what I do.

Today, I’m sharing the morning mindset ritual that’s been helping me feel focused, calm, and motivated before I start my day. If you’re looking for ways to improve your mindset and make your mornings more intentional, I hope this gives you some inspiration.

My Morning Mindset Routine

1. Review my yearly goals

I have a spreadsheet saved of the goals I want to accomplish in 2020. I open my app on my phone and read through the goals I’ve set to remind myself of what I’m working towards. I have to do this on a regular basis or I will literally forget my goals and end up starting from scratch on a completely new idea.

2. Write in my journal:

My Top Three Goals

Even though I’ve already reviewed my yearly goals list on my phone, I find that physically writing down my goals adds an extra level of accountability to it.

My yearly goals list has 10-15 goals on it, but I write down the three goals that feel the most important in the moment. This reminds me of what to focus on and keep in the back of my mind for the rest of the day. 

My Self-Beliefs

A self-belief list is similar to writing affirmations, but instead I write down 3-5 things that I believe to be true about myself in a positive way.

For example:

  • I believe I am capable of helping others change their lives

  • I believe I will be successful if I stay focused

  • I believe I am a kind and caring person

  • I believe I can handle whatever is thrown at me

Sometimes affirmations can feel like you’re trying to force something that you don’t necessarily believe about yourself. Self-beliefs are things you already know are true, but you just need to be reminded of.

What’s On My Mind:

I take a few minutes to journal anything that’s on my mind. These thoughts are usually related to my goals or the day ahead, but sometimes they turn into mini-therapy sessions depending on how I’m feeling.


Though my mind is usually feeling pretty clear by this point, I still take a moment to list out anything that needs to get done (either today or in the future). This could be emails to send, tasks to work on, or groceries to buy.

3. Meditate

After all of that, for 5 minutes. Yes, only 5 minutes. Maybe I’ll gradually increase this over time, but 5 minutes of silence before my day starts is all I need to feel ready and balanced.

What does your morning routine look like?

I hope my morning ritual has given you some inspiration to make your mornings more intentional. Let me know what you find the most helpful!

Gemz 💎

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