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Why it is so important for home based businesses to have a blog!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog, it’s great to connect with you! My name is Gemma Masterson im a full-time Blogger, Social Media Consultant, Home Business Trainer and a whole bunch of other fun titles in between!

Basically, I know marketing and I love it!

You can learn more about me here on my Blog but I want this page to be all about YOU and getting your blog up and running.

If you already have a Blog and you’re here on this page, check out the cool resources I share below!

I started blogging back in 2018 because I had a Home Business opportunity that I wanted to grow and put in front of more targeted people.

If you have a product, service or opportunity that you want to get in front of more people, Blogging is one of the best, most effective ways to do this, but you probably already know this and that’s why you’re here!

What Blogging Has Done For Me, My Business & My Life

I’ve probably generated close to 1000 leads in the last 3 months.

These are HOT LEADS that come to me through my blog and want my information!!!

This is very different than buying a cold lead list of people that don’t know who I am, and because these prospects are so hot, your conversions into sales happen faster, with less resistance.

I get messages like this all the time of people wanting to work with me… it’s so cool!

80% of my Business has come through my blog and in 21 short months we’ve enrolled over 100 personal memberships and we average about 12 new personal enrollments each month.

This is just 1 income stream of about 12 from my Blog!

It doesn’t matter what business model you’re in, if you have products or services that you sell…. this can work for you just the same!

My Blog Has Increased My Credibility in the Market Space

It’s weird how this works, but immediately when you have a Personally Branded Blog, people tend to take you more seriously and they trust you as a credible expert.

When you can get your potential buyers to trust you, you can make sales a whole lot easier.

My Personal Brand and Blog Contributes to a 6 Figure Income

Crazy right!? I never thought in a million years that you could make a ridiculous income Blogging. But you can.

Now, to keep my lawyers and the FCA happy, I’m not making any income promises or claims here and my results are not typical, but if you put in the work and follow the steps of someone that has created this type of success, there’s a possible chance you could create some of these same results too 🙂 I just can’t guarantee anything or they’ll lock me up!

My Blog Helps Me Get Speaking Engagements

That’s right, I’ve had the opportunity to speak on stages all across the country to share my story and strategies with lots of people.

I’ve had promoters contact me through my blog and ask if I’d be open to speak that their events. I’m not sure if this something that you’d like to do, but it’s been awesome to be able to impact so many lives at once from stage!

My Business is 100% Mobile

I used to work an office job, 5 days a week, 9 hour shifts and now I’m FREE. I can take my computer with me anywhere in the world and I can work, or not work, when and where I choose. To be able to have this ability is awesome, but more importantly, it’s awesome to be able to teach this to others. I can’t tell you how many stay at home moms and dads I’ve impacted by being able to stay at home with their kids while earning a living through blogging.

My Blog Works for Me 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Have you ever seen Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant?

Robert explains about how The Rich/Wealthy work (or don’t work lol). It’s all about getting your money to work for you, rather than you working for your money and trading your time for dollars.

The faster you can move into the ‘Investor’ square of the quadrant, the faster you’ll be on your way to operating like the Rich folks.

My blog allows me to work like the ‘Investor’.

I can publish a blog post, and once I hit the Publish button, that blog post is out on the internet working for me 24/7, bringing visitors to my blog, generating leads and making sales!

I love Automation!

This is a perfect example of doing the work once and having it work and produce for me forever. 

I have multiple blog posts that I posted over 2 years ago that still generate me leads and sales today!

Are you still getting paid for work you did 2 years ago?

Life Before My Blog

Obviously us Entrepreneurs have to start somewhere, and if you already have a business you’ll understand the importance of Networking.

Before my blog I had to rustle up business in every way I could:

  • Networking Meetings

  • Group Presentations

  • Coffee Meetings

  • Craigslist Ads

  • Newspaper Ads

  • Cold Market Prospecting

  • Cold calls

and the list goes on.

Now, I have an actionable and scalable marketing plan with my blog and instead of hunting for business, the business comes to me.

Working smarter, not harder ~

Blogging Don’t’s

I’ve been coaching on blogging for so long that I’ve almost seen it all when it comes to blogs, so I thought I’d help save you the trouble by sharing the most common Blogging Mistakes I’ve seen.

Don’t Use A Free Blogging Platform

Why? Isn’t free good?

Not in this case.

You always, always, always want to have your blog built on a self hosted WordPress site.

Yes, you have to pay a small amount for hosting (about £5-£10 a month) but you now own your site.

It would be such a nightmare if you spent years creating content on your blog and building up your community and then one day that Free blogging site went out of business or got shut down.

Could you imagine? Your whole blog, brand and business gone…. Poof, years of work gone!

Don’t Hire Someone to Build Your Blog that Doesn’t Understand Marketing

You have to ask yourself, “What’s the Main Goal of Your Blog?”

If it’s to generate leads and sales then you’ll want someone designing it that understands conversions and marketing.

I see too many pretty little blogs out there that look good, but they’re not generating leads and sales.

Do you want your blog to look pretty or to make money?

Understanding your target audience (your perfect buyer) is super important when you build your blog.

If you stay connected to me, I’ll share with you some cool exercises that will help you to understand your perfect buyer and where they’re hanging out online!

These are just a few amazing blogging has allowed me to do over the last few years.

Gemz 💎

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