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Social Media Marketing Strategy for beginners

Let’s talk about social media marketing for beginners and for those who’ve been around for a while.

Selling your services or products on social media doesn’t have to be complicated.

Over the years I’ve developed a strategy that’s helped me grow a 7-figure business using social media.

In fact, I’ve created a strategy for myself that only takes 90 minutes a day…yes that’s right, only 90 minutes a day.

If I had to start all over again in my business this is EXACTLY what I would do.

Why? One of the most important things I’ve learned over the years of building my business is that as awesome as Social Media is, it can be a huge time suck.

And before you know it, you’ve spent ALL DAY online and you’ve generated minimal results...

Or am I the only one that’s been there? LOL

So of course I had to figure out a way to sell my products and services without spending all day on my computer and having messages back and forth with potential customers.

I’m breaking down the steps so you can see how simple my social media strategy is.

Social Media Marketing for Beginners – #1 Pick Your Platform

First thing you want to do is stick to one platform and put all your focus there.

If you’re on EVERY social media platform all the time, you’re going to be spread too thin.

Especially if you’re in the beginning phases of growing your business.

You’ll want to pick the platform where you’re people are already hanging out.

So if that’s on Facebook start there. If it’s Instagram, start there.

And stay focused there UNTIL you get traction.

Then and ONLY then can you start to focus on a 2nd platform.

Social Media Marketing for Beginners – #2 Understand who your perfect customer/client is

Before you even start posting on social media you need to know who you’re posting for.


Because you could have the best product in the world, but if you’re trying to sell it to the wrong person, you’ll make no sales whatsoever.

That’s why understanding who your ideal customer avatar is, is SO important.

If you’re NOT exactly clear on who your ideal customer is, be sure to check out Episode 240 where I walk you through an exercise that helps you get clear on it.

I’ll link to it in the show notes below 👇

Social Media Marketing for Beginners – #3 What is your main money maker

When you’re growing your business on social media you have to be congruent with everything that you do.

From the posts you’re posting, to the people you are posting it for, to the products you are selling.

Everything has to tie in and make sense.

You need to know:

🎯Why you are posting.

🎯Who you’re serving?

🎯What is the goal that you’re trying to accomplish with every post?

Social Media Marketing for Beginners – #4 Come up with 30 pieces of posts for one month

Sit down one day out of the month and carve out around 90 minutes to plan out content ideas to post on social media.

I only do this once a month. I block out 90 minutes and I plan out what I’ll be posting for the month.

This way I’m not challenged every day with trying to come up with what to post.

In the planner I’m giving you with this episode you’ll see that 2-3 of my posts every week have a direct call to action for people to learn more about my products and services.

Social Media Marketing for Beginners – #5 Time block your day

It’s important to time block your day so that you have time to work on your money making activities.

When you download the tracker I’m giving you you’ll see that I give you a 30-day daily plan that you can use to check off so you’re accountable and stay on track with you’re money making activities each day.

Now here are the four things that you want to make sure you are showing up and doing on social media every day are as follow:

1️⃣ Warm Up The Algorithm (5-10 mins) Comment, Like and Engage with other people’s content

2️⃣ Create and Publish Your Social Media Post (5-10 mins) Share it on your other Social Media channels for extra exposure

3️⃣ Engage, Like & Comment Back (5-10 mins) You want to start conversations with the people that engage on your post. Try your best to start a two way conversation. You will be rewarded with more people seeing your post when you can get some good action on it.

4️⃣ Active Asking & Follow Up (30-60 mins)

I share more details on how I keep track of my leads, prospects and sales inside the business planner and tracker that you can download below.

In Closing

This is the exact social media plan I would follow if I was starting from scratch or all over again in my business.

Having built a 7-figure business on social media for the past 10 years I’ve been able to map out exactly how to get there all over again.

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