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Scheduling Facebook Events in your Group

So…. I saw this really cool Facebook event strategy when I was inside a Facebook group and I just had to share because I know it will help you generate more sales and customers for your business.

I couldn’t believe that I myself  wasn’t already doing it because it was soooo simple and soooo effective for getting more exposure to your products and services.

I was actually a little bit embarrassed. I was like, ‘why am I not doing this?’

I‘m going to show you:

✅  What this strategy is and how you can use it to get more customers and sales for your businesss

✅  How I’ll be using it from now on inside my own Facebook group

I’m excited to show you this strategy so let’s dive in!

This week, since we’re talking about growing your customer base and acquiring more sales with a Facebook group, I’ve put together a guide called My 7 Day Facebook Group Challenge Guide.

This guide walks you through all of the steps that you need to go through to start a challenge group, how to put it together properly, what things to post in the challenge group and how to acquire the sales in that short period of time

This gave me some really good ideas on how you can use these group events to get exposure for your products and services.

Now keep in mind, these were events that were specifically designed for the members of the group, but you can also create events from your Facebook Page.

I will say that these will probably work better from your group, because groups tend to get more engagement and are more community based, but don’t feel like you HAVE to have a group to do this.

If you do want to run this from your Facebook group, I have an episode that where I talk all about using Facebook group challenges and how one Facebook group challenge in seven days helped us to acquire 30 new customers.

So here are the ideas that I learned from Amy’s Facebook group that I want to share with you.

Facebook Event Tip #1 – Schedule your lives as events

There’s a lot of people going live inside their groups, which is awesome. But I think that they’re missing opportunities by not setting these lives up as events.

We were guilty of this as well.

We were missing opportunities where we would go live in our Facebook group, but we wouldn’t do a lot of promotion to the live and therefore I think we were missing a lot of people showing up for the live.

So I suggest if you’re going live in your group, instead of just going live, create it as an event.

This way the event stays inside of the group and it builds awareness so more people show up.

PRO TIP: Make sure to include a very juicy benefit-driven headline for the event so people know exactly what it is that you’re going to be talking about and how that live is going to help them.

It’s a really good promotion strategy for your lives if you’re already doing lives, and if you’re not already doing lives, make sure that you are, and you’re scheduling them as events so you can build up the most attendance on them.

Facebook Event Tip #2 – Do business presentations on a regular basis

The second tip that I have with these events and how to use them is to do a weekly or monthly product or business presentation.

You obviously are selling products or services or recruiting into a business.

Do some type of presentation that gives exposure to the benefits of your business, service or products.

You could even interview people that have had a good experience or good testimonial of using your product, service or business.

Do that once every week or every other week or even once a month and schedule it as an event in your group.

Facebook Event Tip #3 – Do live Q&A in your group

The third tip is you can schedule an event that is a live Q&A for your Facebook group community.

You can do it once a week, once a month or whatever your schedule allows and create this type of event.

This will allow you to build stronger relationships inside of your group and make yourself available to answer people’s questions on whatever your group is about.

Facebook Event Tip #4 – Do a members hot seat every month

The fourth idea is you could do like a monthly members hot seat.

A hot seat is where you take one of your members or product users and you do an interview style event.

Schedule it as an event and you pick their brain on maybe some tips or strategies that they have that they can share with the community that would help them so they will want to stay in the group because there is just so much value that you pour into them.

Facebook Event Tip #5 – Do periodic check-ins with your people

The fifth tip is you could do a monthly or weekly check in event where basically people check in with the results that they’re getting so far.

So if you have a group that’s maybe helping people lose weight or get healthier or follow a nutrition plan or a skincare plan or whatever your group is about, you can do a monthly check-in call where people come and check in and you get a progress report.

This will also give you questions and feedback to help you to create content ideas for your business as well.

I saw Amy Porterfield do this in her group.

She created a challenge group all around helping people to build an online business and come up with a good idea for an online business.

So she did a check-in and she said, “Hey, how are you guys doing? What can I help with? Where are you at?”

I thought it was really helpful and brilliant for her community.

Now these are all ideas that we are going to be implementing inside of our Facebook group, and I’m really excited about it.

In Closing

The main thing here is to schedule these as events inside of the group so that people can put it on their calendar, get excited about them and share the event with their friends and other followers inside of the group community.

This strategy works really well and can help you grow your brand, your customer base and bring in more sales for your business.

But you’ll need to have a Facebook group that you can do this in and you need to set the group up properly.

Gemz ❤

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