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How to handle cancellations and delays in the airports

Flying this summer is ROUGH !!!

I feel that as a travel agent I should at least attempt to offer you some tips to get you through airline travel for the foreseeable future ✈️✈️✈️

✅ If it is LESS THAN 7 HOURS -then I suggest you DRIVE 🚗

No I am not joking!!!

There is absolutely NOTHING enjoyable about flying right now- on any airline 🤯

If you absolutely MUST fly- keep reading ☀️

✅ Download and use the app of the airline you are using. Everything will be on it - your boarding pass, tracking your bags, your incoming plane, change your flights etc.

✅ Fly MUCH earlier than you need to - a whole day earlier if it’s important!! This week alone I have sadly seen people miss so many important events; weddings, funerals, graduations, conferences, cruises and connecting international flights.

The tears have been very real and there is absolutely nothing I can do for them 🥲 Yes I can help you claim compensation but that doesn’t help after the fact!! If you have to be somewhere important spend the extra money and get there early 💯

✅ What you see on the news is drastically UNDERSTATED. 💯 Airports and airlines are heavily understaffed and overworked, not just pilots and flight attendants but also ground crews. Without ground crews, there is nobody to park the planes, drive jetways, get baggage on and off the planes or scan the boarding passes. This causes many delays that snowball throughout the day

✅ When flight crews get delayed they time out. They are not allowed to fly longer than 16 hours. It is ILLEGAL. So when they are done, they are done. The way things are now, there are no back up crews , so when this happens, your flight is cancelled.

✅ Be nice 😊 As stayed above, flight attendants are overworked and tired. They will not help you if you are nasty. Nobody cares that you will miss your cruise if you’re being an asshole 🤷‍♀️

✅Flights are full. If you buy cheap seats you will not be able to sit with your family. It says so when you buy your ticket. Flight attendants aren’t there to rearrange the whole plane so you can sit together because you tried to save £100 on a third party website

I hope this gives you an insight into what is going on at the moment

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