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How to Launch your business

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Step #1. Commit To Your Business Launch

Success loves speed, so when rocking out with your Network Marketing business plan – it’s honestly just little consistent stints of your time.

Carve out a season to commit to making it happen and dedicate yourself to hitting your goals. You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish in a 30-60 day window with consistent effort.

There’s a spot for you to write out your Affirmation Commitment on the FREE Launch Planner, so take a minute to write it out now.

For example, “I commit to doing the activity that I know is necessary for this Business Launch.”

Tell your sponsor, your team, and your family, and tell them you’re running your business All-Out commitment for 30-60 days and tell them why you’re doing it and what the reward is at the end of this business launch.

Step #2. Set Your Business Launch Goal

What’s your goal for this business Launch?

If you don’t have a goal or plan when you start this run, you’re bound to end up somewhere else.

You have to have a SPECIFIC launch goal in place.

Often times, I see people say “I just want to be successful.”

This is NOT a goal because it’s not specific enough.

Instead, have a goal that clearly defines what it is you’re going to accomplish.

For example, “I want to personally enroll 10 new customers/members in the next 30 days and help 2 of my team members rank advance.”

Take a minute and write down your business launch goal in Your Business Launch Planner

Step #3. Set Your Business Launch Date

When’s the start date of your business Launch?

Write it down in Your Business Launch Planner. Then, write down your end date.

My tip to you is to select a Launch Period that’s between 30-60 days. I’ve found this to be the perfect amount of time to go all-in and have massive action for a short period time and see results.

Step #4. Pick Your Incentive

Most companies have many different incentives – trip incentives, car bonus, cash bonuses, etc. Figure out what current promotions your company currently has going on and set a goal to hit a specific Incentive by the end of your launch.

For example, we’re running for a promotion right now inside our company and the next rank advancement for us includes a superiorly-exclusive vacation.

So, pick your Incentive that you’re going to get when you hit this outta the park at the end of your Launch and write it on Your Business Launch Planner.

Step #5. Pick Your Reward

This is a big important part of your network marketing business plan, you HAVE to reward yourself at the end of your business launch for the activities that you did inside your business – whether you hit your end goal or not.

IF, of course, you feel you truly did the activity and you tried your best, REWARD yourself!

Also, if you have a spouse or kids that are on this journey with you, make sure that they’re part of the reward. Let them know that you’re putting 100% into your business during your run, but at the end of it, there is this awesome reward that everyone can enjoy.

Think FUN… it could be going on vacation, or maybe a stay-cation, going camping, going to the beach, going to Disneyland – whatever the reward is, pick one and write it on Your Business Launch Planner.

Step #6. Build Your Business Launch List

With Your Business Launch Planner download, I’ve attached a List Builder for your launch list. You want to make sure you re-build your list and know who you’re going to be contacting inside your launch dates.

Take everyone off of your old list and create a whole new list called your Launch List. This list is who you’re going to be contacting, setting appointments with, and presenting to during your Launch.

This list should be perfectly in-line with your launch goal – if you have big goals, you need a BIG list.

***Do this activity. Please don’t go to your old list to start this Launch. Take some time and re-build your list so that when you’re in full Launch mode, you can work straight through each person and maximize your time and overall results.

Step #7. Get To Work

Every day during your Launch, you need to set yourself an Exposure Goal (product or business) to at least 3 prospects a day. 3 presentations a day should be on your schedule 7 days a week inside of your Business Launch period.

Close your eyes and picture the fruits of your labor after the short 30-60 day commitment!!

Step #8. Celebrate Your Business Launch

I love to Celebrate! This is so important. We’ve already touched on the reward at the end of your Launch to help you celebrate, but you can also celebrate during the times you’re doing activity. This helps to prevent you getting burnt out.

Pat yourself on the back and celebrate the small wins – if you got your 3 presentations today, say “I’m so pumped! I got my 3 presentations done today. That’s awesome!”

Tell yourself you’re doing a good job. We are entrepreneurs and often times, most of your work is done independently. You don’t necessarily have someone with you all the time telling you you’re doing a great job, so I give you full permission to tell yourself!

Gemz 💎

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