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Social Media Marketing For Beginners

Let’s talk about social media marketing for beginners! You sit at your computer to create GREAT content for social media…hours later you’re still in front of a blank computer screen.

Or… you’ve been posting on social media for a while but you’ve run out of ideas on what to post. Been there and I’m here to help.

I want to share with you a really cool way to create a Social Media Swipe File to help you come up with quick but good social media

post ideas based on what other people are posting that’s getting them good engagement.

I call this business hacking….Not to be mistaken with ‘Copying’… just modeling from other people’s ideas so you don’t have to think so hard.

So if you’re tired of spending hours in front of your computer screen, or you’re new to social media and you’re not sure what to post…. keep reading and in just a few days you’ll be pumping out highly engaging social media content!


Basically a swipe file is just a collection of examples of social media posts or any other work for that matter, that you keep on hand.

It’s a great way to refer back to other people’s posts so you can gather ideas and get the juices flowing. I’ll show you exactly how to create these so that you can start to create collections or swipe files of your own to pull ideas from.Social Marketing Marketing For Beginners Pro Tip:

Before I share this really cool hack with you, I want you to ask yourself, are you using social media as a user or are you using social media as a marketer? It’s important when you’re building a business that you have your marketing glasses on.

You always want to be looking through your marketing lenses.

When I’m on social media I’m not always using those platforms as a user. Quite frankly, 99% of the time I’m not. I always have my marketing lenses on and I’m looking for really great ways and ideas to implement back into my business and my brand. So I’m always looking for posts on either Facebook or Instagram that are really good and I could use in some way in my business.

How to create a collection of swipe files on both Facebook and Instagram

And when I do find a post that I really like…I save it to one of the collections that I’ve created. And this is where my really cool swipe file strategy comes into play.

Types of swipe file collections to create and how to use them

So now let’s talk about the type of collections you may want to create and how to use them.

Here are a couple of ideas that I have created collections around:

🔖 Product Testimonials

If you have anyone that’s using your products and they either post in a group or a Facebook page or anywhere on Facebook and shared a great experience with products or services, you can save that to a product testimonial collection.

That way you can use these posts and share them with any of your prospects or potential new customers that come into your world that want to know if your products or services are effective.

🔖 Business Testimonials

If you’re in network marketing and there are team members that are having a great experience with the business create a swipe file or a “collection” of business testimonials.

That way you can showcase these posts and share them with any of your prospects or potential new teammates that are curious about how other people are doing in the business.

🔖 Social Media Post Ideas

I also have one for social media posts ideas.

Like we are talking about here in this training, if I come across anything that would be a great topic or idea to create as a social media post, I put it in that collection so I can refer to it at a later time.

🔖Advertising Ideas

We do Facebook and Instagram ads in our business, so anything that I come across that other people are doing for ads that I think is a good idea, it goes into my Advertising collection.

🔖Product Training

Over time, I’ve saved all the product training videos we’ve done or have shared inside our Facebook group.

When any of my new customers or anybody has questions about my companies products, all I have to do is go to my collections and find a training that can help them with their questions.

🔖Business Training

When I enroll business builders and they need specific training, I can go to that collection, look at what training I have and find the appropriate training really fast, and share it with them.

🔖Leadership Training

I also have a collection of posts I save to share with any of the leaders on my network marketing team and also the team that works with me at

If I see anything that can help them or is good training for them, I save it and then share it with them.

Social Marketing Marketing For Beginners – In Closing

This strategy will help you never run out of social media post ideas.

At least GOOD ideas to post on social media that will help your business grow.

You can just swipe them from other people.

Just make sure that you do not copy what anybody else is doing.

Use them as ideas and then put your own spin on it.

Gemz 💎

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