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Over the years of working with many home business owners and Entrepreneurs, I found that this one simple change can make the world of a different.

The more we sit back and hope, wish and pray for things to be better the longer it’s going to take for those things to change or even worse… They may never change. Instead of being that person that waits for things to happen, go out and get it. The biggest shift that you can make while you’re hustling… Changing Your Language! However, there are always going to be a few people that choose to use the wrong language that will automatically sabotage their own success and this goes for using this language in any situation.

Using words in your business like:

– I’m frustrated – I’m confused – I’m overwhelmed

Are going to keep you in that state.

Don’t worry, I used to Sabotage my success to before I learned to change my language to serve me rather than hold me back. Something I’m very grateful I got serious about once my mentor ripped into me!!

Just think about the words that you’re using in your life and ask yourself “are these words serving me or holding me back?”

If you say you’re frustrated, you’re going to stay frustrated. If your say you’re overwhelmed, you’re going to stay overwhelmed. If you say you’re confused, you’re going to stay confused.

So how do you change your Language to serve you?

In my experience of creating a lot of wealth in my business, I’ve come to understand and realize that with any big reward there are going to be challenges. And with any great reward there are going to be new learning and skills that I’m going to need to develop. I can’t expect my outcome to get better if I’m not getting better right?

So now knowing that, I embrace learning, changes, overwhelm, confusion and frustration because on the other side is a great reward and unless I prepare myself I’m not going to be worthy of it.

So here’s how I’ve changed my language:

“I’m so happy and grateful that I’m learning something new and I’m on the brink of a breakthrough”

“I’m so happy grateful that I’m a master at figuring things out”

“I’m so happy and grateful that I’m taking me business to a new level”

You can make a few of your own new language patterns to help you breakthrough or you can steal mine if they help you.

Most importantly, ask yourself what you’d rather be; An unstoppable leader or A weak average person that gets beat when a challenge arises??

I can assume because you’re a follower of mine that you’re no weak average person! So here’s a little insight on how this exercise has changed my personal business.

In July I wrote an affirmation on a sticky note and posted it on my wall above my desk.

It said “how am I making my yearly income my monthly income”

In 5 months we made our annual income our monthly income.

I have to admit that I was pretty astonished myself but it goes to show you what’s possible. I challenge you to change your language and be conscious of it for the next few months. I’m not gonna lie, It takes work but with any great reward…. There is work and dedication involved.

So comment below and let me know of a couple of language changes you’re going to implement. I’d love to see if I could use any in my life too! Like all of my posts, If you got value share it with someone and drop comment below! Much love and gratitude to you.

Gemz 💎

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